Buzzard Capture Software support

Welcome to the Buzzard Capture support page

1. Make sure all cables are connected securely to the provided hub and the hub is connected to both the power supply and a USB 3.0 port on your host PC.

2. Open the Buzzard Capture application.

3. Make sure all the expected bands have been detected. This is shown in the top information bar.

Buzzard Capture Application

General Settings

Save Location

This is where the uncompressed TIFF images will be save. The default location is your Pictures folder.

Exposure Mode

Exposure can be set to either Auto or Manual. In Manual mode the exposure is set by entering the exposure time in microseconds (μs). (We recommend using manual exposure mode).

Number of Bands

The number of bands to capture images can be adjusted. The default is the maximum.

Image Data Type

The image data type can be set to 8-bit or 10-bit. The 10-bit images will appear black when viewed with standard Windows photo viewer.


The Help button brings up this support page.


The Photo button takes an image from all currently connected bands.

Advanced Settings

Pixel Correction

This setting apply's factory corrections to hot pixels.

Flat Field Correction

Flat Field Correction is a method to remove non-uniformities in the image caused by different sensitivities of the pixels and by distortions caused by optics.

Flat Field Correction Images

It is necessary to load calibration images (1 dark image and 1 mid-saturated image) before applying FFC in 8-bit or 10-bit format depending on desired output bit depth setting used.

To obtain optimal results, camera should be in the same setup (lens aperture, device output bit depth, gain, exposure, light conditions) during acquisition of calibration images and while using FFC.

More can read about Flat Field Correction here.

FFC Correction Image Directory

Select the location of all the FFC image file directory. For a 4 band camera this directory will contain 16 images. Four images for each band; a dark and a mid saturated image for both 8-bit and 10-bit data formats. The image naming format is shown in the image to the right.

Gain Adjustment

The gain can be adjusted for each band using the adjustment sliders.


The reset button restores the default settings and resets the image counter.



Buzzard Capture Advanced Settings
FFC Images Naming Format

FFC Images Naming Format