Six band Drone MULTISPECTRAL Camera

Buzzard Cameras Limited have developed an advanced multispectral camera specifically designed to be integrated with small unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV). Buzzard Cameras’ UAV multispectral camera is unique as it is spectrally compatible with the European Space Agency’s Sentinel-2 satellites.



ESA Sentinel-2 Satellite Compatibility

Compatibility with Sentinel-2 earth observation satellites allows our multispectral camera to utilise the latest vegetation indices. This enables UAV and satellite imagery to be combined to provide a comprehensive and lower cost solution for agricultural and environmental remote sensing.

Plant Health Monitoring 

Perform highly accurate plant health and chlorophyll estimations using the three narrow spectral bands on the vegetation reflectance red-edge. The unique compatibility with Sentinel-2 satellites means advanced vegetation indices developed for satellites can now be performed from an unmanned aerial vehicle.

Compatible & Adaptable

Our six band multispectral camera can be easily mounted to many of the leading consumer and professional drones. Use standard action camera mounts to securely fix the camera to your drone using our universal mount adapter.

Contact us if you require a custom designed mount for your drone, we will work with you to provide the correct mounting solution.


Buzzard Data Hub

Images captured using our camera can be processed using the Buzzard Data Hub, or using software such as Pix4D Mapper and Agisoft Photoscan

The Buzzard Data Hub offers a simple and low-cost way of processing your imagery. Processing credits can either be purchased per-use, or via subscription. The Buzzard Data Hub also has the added advantage of providing calibrated Sentinel-2 satellite imagery for a 20 km area of your choosing.

To find out more about the Buzzard Data Hub click here.


Custom Cameras

Buzzard Cameras offer a custom drone multispectral camera service.

If our Six Band multispectral camera does not meet your requirements we also offer custom cameras. Savings can be made by removing spectral bands, cameras can be customised to have between 1 and 6 bands.

Custom wavebands are available between 400 - 900 nm, with bandwidths of 50, 25 or 10 nm. We also offer swapping a spectral band for an RGB image senor.

To find out more about our custom cameras please click here.