Adapted for you

Our Six band multispectral camera can be adapted to best suit the needs of your application.

Drone Multispectral Camera - Standard wavelengths

Drone Multispectral Camera - Standard wavelengths

Custom wavelengths

If your application requires a different set of wavebands than is currently available in our Sentinel-2 compatible camera. Central wavelengths between 400nm and 900nm can be specified.

Custom & RGB bands

If your application requires fewer than six bands, our camera can be streamlined for you. We can reduce the number of wavebands to one, or increase the bands to twelve by linking two cameras together.

We can also replace one or more of the monochrome bands with a single band RGB image sensor.

Custom Buzzard Multispectral Camera with 4 spectral bands

DJI P4 mounting system.

DJI P4 mounting system.

Custom integration

If you require your camera integrating into a custom setup we can provide you with a bespoke mounting solution.