Data Hub Subscriptions

Sign up to our Buzzard Data Hub service and receive monthly Sentinel-2 satellite imagery free!


Subscription Plans

We offer two types of plan: UAV & SATELLITE, and SATELLITE ONLY.

UAV & SATELLITE subscription plans receive a quota of UAV image processing credits to use each month, as well as periodic Sentinel-2 satellite imagery updates. Our SATELLITE ONLY subscription plans, as the name suggests, only receive periodic Sentinel-2 satellite imagery updates. 

To process imagery from one of our multispectral cameras on a Basic or Satellite Only plan, UAV processing credits can be purchased for a price of £16.80 (inc. VAT) each.

We are currently offering a free 30-day trial on any of our Standard plans.

Savings can be made by subscribing annually. All annual subscriptions receive a one-month discount.