To setup a location to receive satellite imagery through our Buzzard Data Hub please follow these 8 simple steps:

Step 1. Create a free account at:

Step 2. Select the My Data tile from the homepage.

Buzzard Data Hub homepage

Step 3. Select the new Project/Farm tile.

Buzzard Data Hub New Project

Step 4. Enter a name and description, and then select your location on the map. Click the receive satellite imagery switch, and then press Save.

Buzzard Data Hub Select Location

Step 5. Click on the satellite imagery tile within your newly created Farm/Project.

Buzzard Data Hub Satellite Imagery Tile

Step 6. When satellite imagery has become available it will be shown here. Click the ADD button next to the images you want to view and then select Map Viewer.

Buzzard Data Hub Satellite Imagery List

Step 7. Viewing imagery in the Map Viewer. Go to Section 2.4 of the Support page for more information on using the Map Viewer. 

Buzzard Data Hub Map Viewer

Step 8. To download imagery to your device, select the download arrow on the images you require.

Buzzard Data Hub Satellite Imagery Download List

This guide is also available here: